About Us

The Idaho Midwifery Council (IMC) was formed in the summer of 1980 and continues to function as a voluntary professional organization, representing midwives across the State of Idaho.  The IMC supports and promotes the option of community birth for families in Idaho. It facilitates education and community amongst midwives through conferences and workshops. The IMC advocates for the midwifery profession, offering legislative support in maintaining and updating the rules and regulations of direct-entry midwifery in Idaho.  Our organization is open not only to midwives, but also to all who have any interest in midwifery, whether midwife, apprentice, student, consumer and/or supporter of midwifery.  As we network together, we endeavor to encourage each other to uphold the highest and safest standard of maternity care.  

Our Purpose

To promote competent midwifery practice as a quality health care option in Idaho
To provide midwives with opportunities for training and continuing education
To promote communication between Idaho midwives
To promote communication and cooperation between midwives and other professional and nonprofessional groups concerned with improving perinatal outcomes
To work to assure safe, quality childbirth practices, regardless of the birth setting chosen by parents

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Elected 2021 (3 year term)

ViviAnne Fischer

Appointed 2021 (2 year term)

Kasha Coulliard

IMG_2451 (2).JPG
Region 2 Representative
Appointed 2021 (1 year term)

Ivy Warwick

Barb Rawlings.png
Advisory Board Member & Nominations/Elections Chair

Barbara Rawlings

Barb Rawlings.png
Outgoing President

Barb Rawlings

Appointed 2021 (1 year term)

Tammy Desjardins

Fern Leaf
Region 3 Representative
Open (2 year term)

Volunteer Needed

Vice President
Appointed 2021 (1 year term)

Lori Sabin

Fern Leaf
Region 1 Representative
Appointed 2022 (1 year term)

Krysta Freed

Laurie Garcia.png
Region 4 Representative
Appointed 2020 (3 year term)

Lauren Garcia

IMC Non-Board Positions

Legislative Liaison


Nancy Draznin


Newsletter Editor

Lori Sabin


Membership Chair

Lori Sabin, LM, CPM


QIC Chair

Charity Catlin, LM, CPM



Katy Rawlins